The disappearance of the Franklin Expedition is one of the world’s most enduring mysteries. It was a sensation in the nineteenth century and the world has always puzzled over the disappearance of the ‘lost men’.  The search for Franklin the world’s longest and largest ever search and rescue mission, and one which until recently has been largely fruitless.

Now, sensationally, both Franklin’s ships, HMS Erebus 1826 and HMS Terror 1812 have been found – and both of them lying in shallow water and virtually intact.  In 2014 Parks Canada announced the discovery of HMS Erebus and on 12th September 2016 the Arctic Research Foundation announced the finding of HMS Terror.  Interest in Franklin, his men and his ships has surged. The amount of research being conducted, not just by the Canadian government but by academics and amateurs alike around the world, is growing exponentially.

This website is run by William Battersby, an independent researcher and author who has studied the Franklin Expedition for many years.  It is not intended to be authoritative but to fulfil five objectives:

  • Collect in one place the academic research I have been able to carry out, mostly in collaboration with other people, and includes my retrospective thoughts on the topics covered.
  • Serve as a location where I can less formally publish some of the other research topics I am working on. Much of this was previously published as postings on my earlier blogs.
  • Provide a set of links for those interested in the Franklin Expedition to enable them to drill down into other online resources.
  • Host a short overview and discussion of my book ‘James Fitzjames: the Mystery Man of the Franklin Expedition‘ with known errors and corrections identified and an update on some key areas of research since publication.  In time there will be a second edition of the book.
  • It is my rolling blog for news and discussion. I’d also recommend anyone interested to join the Facebook Group ‘Remembering the Franklin Expedition’ accessible from the link at the bottom of the page for access to much online discussion.

PS, the images above will change randomly.  All those which are photos are taken by Wolfgang Opel, and the illustrations are by Kristina Gehrmann. Both are fantastically talented artists who have kindly permitted me to use their illustrations.

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